About Coated

We hope you’ll enjoy the Coated Difference–a sleek salon designed with the newest in ventilation systems to ensure the healthiest environment for our guests and staff, where you’ll sit comfortably in a lounge chair for manicures, pedicures, worry-free soaking, hot towel service, indulgent massage, polish and drying while sipping a drink as you take time for yourself and let us focus on all the details.

Our professional staff is trained to work around you and give the ultimate customer service experience consistently no matter which nail technician you have. You can even put your card on file so you don’t have to ruin that new coat of polish by digging in your purse to pay.

Lack of consistent experience and results is what drove us to create Coated.

Tired of techs having conversations with each other, talking on the phone, soaking in an unclean foot bath, unsanitized equipment, unable to make appointments, long wait times, unable to pay/tip with a credit card and never knowing if your nail tech will give you a structured service with proven results?

We have found a solution to all of these problems in creating the Coated Difference and we hope to change the industry.

So click to book an appointment and experience how Coated is changing what getting your nails done looks like!